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2 Minutes Setup • 14 Day Growth Guarantee • Real TikTok Fans
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A shortcut to get more TikTok fans

A secret app to help you get thousands of real TikTok followers the easy way

About Fameleap

Get followers on TikTok the easy way.

Fameleap is a TikTok followers app that helps you get TikTok fans without any effort. You don’t need to post videos every day anymore. You don’t have to interact with other people. Just sit back and watch your TikTok growing day by day with new followers, likes and comments.

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"We've recently started exploring Tiktok for our business but we felt the competition was so fierce. We didn't want to waste hours creating content just to get a few followers so we decided to give Fameleap a try. We've started getting a huge boost in followers and we're using it since then. It's amazing how easy it is to grow on TikTok!"

Henrique Borgas

Digital Marketing, Muito Bom Media Brazil

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It's Super Easy To Get Started

Growing your TikTok is easy. Simply connect your TikTok account, specify your Niche and never touch your account again. Sit back and watch how you get more TikTok followers day by day!

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You Get Real TikTok Followers

You’ll immediately see a boost of new TikTok fans engagement (from real people!). Even influencers use this strategy to get TikTok famous fast, without any hard work.

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Your Increase Your Engagement

Fameleap interacts with real TikTokers on your behalf. All these people will check your profile and will follow you back. You’ll become popular on TikTok in no time.

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Real TikTok Followers, Real Engagement

We interact only with real profiles in your niche. And we do it in an authentic way. This means you’ll be getting only real TikTok fans that will follow your profile and like your content.

More results with less effort

Get More TikTok Followers Without Creating More Content

You don’t need to spend hours every day trying to come up with the most viral video or interact with other people all day long. You just have to put your profile in front of the right people. We take care of that for you.

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What is Fameleap?

Fameleap is not:

  • A place to buy TikTok followers
  • A way to get fake TikTok followers
  • A method of getting instant followers or likes
  • A service where you pay for TikTok fans

And here's what Fameleap actually is:

  • A legit app to get more followers on TikTok (100% organically)
  • A growth tool that helps you attract real fans
  • A way to grow your engagement in an authentic way
  • A tool that understands how the TikTok algorithm works

And here's how Fameleap works:

Step 1

Set up your account

Getting started with Fameleap is easy and it takes only a few seconds. Add hashtags, similar TikTok accounts, and locations so that you pick up TikTok followers that are relevant to you.

Set Up Your Account
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Step 2

Fameleap starts working for you

Fameleap starts interacting with real profiles that are relevant to you. Fameleap follows relevant accounts, visits profiles, likes their comments and views stories just as if you would do it.

Grow Your TikTok
Step 3

You become more popular

Because Fameleap interacts with real people, your engagement automatically grows. You get more fans and you reach more people. The more people you reach, the more TikTok followers you get. Oh, and all this while you sleep!

Easy Setup • 14 Day Growth Guarantee • Get More Fans On TikTok
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Trying to get TikTok followers on your own

Gurus tell you to pump out content in order to grow your profile. But you’ve probably already tried to do it and you burn out at some point. It’s hard to keep up the same pace.

But there’s an easier way. The secret is to put your profile in front of as many people as possible.

If you feel overwhelmed trying to produce content every day, you’re in the right place.

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With Fameleap

Fameleap works 24/7 on your behalf to put your profile in front of the right people. The app works for you and you just reap the rewards.

Fameleap helps you work smart and not hard. You get more fans while others still spend hours every day struggling to produce content.

Outsmart everyone. Get TikTok followers without creating any new content.

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"A friend of mine was creating way less content, but always got more followers than me. One day he shared his secret tool with me. I couldn’t believe that these services like Fameleap really exist and actually get real TikTok followers on your behalf. It’s amazing!"

Joanne Hyde

Social Media Content Manager, Gunner Media

Build a massive audience

Get more likes and followers on TikTok

Fameleap is a TikTok followers and likes app. This means that it will interact with other people on TikTok on your behalf. As a result, you build up your engagement. And with more engagement you automatically get more followers. Sign up today and grow your TikTok on autopilot!.

  • Real TikTok Likes
  • Organic TikTok Followers
  • Real TikTok Fans
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Work smart not hard

Win the TikTok game. Work smarter

Gurus with millions of TikTok followers use our services. They don’t waste hours trying to come up with new content. Create less content, yet get more followers on TikTok while having more time for yourself.

  • Less work
  • More free time
  • Grow fast
  • Get followers daily
Save yourself time
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Be among the first

Grow your TikTok while you still can

You already know that organic reach will decline. It happened with Facebook. It happened with Instagram. Be among the lucky ones who take advantage of this huge reach right from the start. Become the new TikTok star!

  • Reach more people
  • Build huge engagement
  • Hack the algorithm
  • Build a huge following fast
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Who Uses Fameleap

Individuals, influencers, businesses, agencies and many more

Individuals and influencers use Fameleap to get more followers and become popular fast. Businesses are getting more exposure because they reach more people. Agencies get TikTok followers for their clients on autopilot. Everyone loves Fameleap because we save them while growing their TikTok.

It doesn’t matter if you simply want to grow your account or maybe you own a business and you want to reach more customers, Fameleap will help you get more TikTok followers.

Unbeatably priced

Affordable pricing for everyone

Fameleap is the most cost-effective way to grow your TikTok without having to hire an expensive agency. You can choose between two options, depending on how fast you want to grow.

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☕ $0.96 per day




Used by up and coming TikTok creators looking to get a steady uptick in their following. A great beginner's option for getting an initial boost in followers and engagement.

  • an icon with a lightning emoji 14 Day Growth Guarantee
  • an icon with a lightning emoji Organic Growth
  • an icon with a grey checkmark ∞ Actions
  • an icon with a grey checkmark Standard Support
  • an icon with a grey checkmark Speed Limit

  • a green checkmark icon Follow & Unfollow
  • a green checkmark icon Hashtag Targeting
  • a green checkmark icon User Targeting
  • a green checkmark icon Auto Blacklist
  • a green checkmark icon Custom Blacklist
  • a green checkmark icon Whitelist
  • an icon with a grey checkmark Improvements
  • no enter icon Comment Liking
  • no enter icon Location Targeting
  • no enter icon Advanced Settings

The Essential plan is the most popular plan selected by Fameleap users, who want to start getting noticed on TikTok and start reaching more people right away. It's slower than the Speed plan but is still a great option if you want to grow a following on TikTok but you find it hard to get that initial following.

☕ $1.96 per day




Get more TikTok followers without any speed limitations. Used by influencers and business that want to get more TikTok fans right away and build a big following faster.

  • an icon with a lightning emoji 14 Day Growth Guarantee
  • an icon with a lightning emoji Fastest Organic Growth
  • an icon with a lightning emoji All Targeting Features
  • an icon with a lightning emoji Priority Support
  • an icon with a lightning emoji ∞ Actions

  • a green checkmark icon Follow & Unfollow
  • a green checkmark icon Hashtag Targeting
  • a green checkmark icon User Targeting
  • a green checkmark icon Auto Blacklist
  • a green checkmark icon Custom Blacklist
  • a green checkmark icon Whitelist
  • a green checkmark icon Improvements
  • a green checkmark icon Comment Liking
  • a green checkmark icon Location Targeting
  • a green checkmark icon Advanced Settings

The Speed plan gets you more TikTok fans than the Essential plan, and is geared more towards brands and (micro) influencers looking to build a bigger following. 47% of Essential users end up upgrading to this plan.


Here’s why people love Fameleap

Fameleap is the biggest TikTok growth service with over 57,000 users. They set up their account and stay with us for months because they keep getting more and more followers. Here are just some of the reasons why they love us!

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Maybe you want to know more

Perhaps you want to know the specifics of how we grow your TikTok, if there’s a refund guarantee or how do we compare with other services. Either way, you’ll find the answer below. If you didn’t find what you were looking for below, reach out to our customer success team and they’ll get back to you right way.


What is Fameleap?

Fameleap is a TikTok followers app. It helps you get REAL followers by interacting with people in an authentic way, similar to how you would do it. It followers other people, views videos and more.

Can I try it beforehand?

Due to TikTok’s explosive growth, we have hundreds of people joining every day. That said, we do not offer a free trial because we cannot service all accounts to the quality we'd like our customers to expect. Instead, you can try Fameleap 100% risk-free. If we can't grow your TikTok within 14 days, we'll give you your money back.

How much does it cost?

You can pick between a $39 and a $79. To see what’s included in each plan, check out our pricing page.

Is Fameleap for me?

If you want to get real TikTok followers fast without the hassle associated with growing on social media then the answer is probably yes. We have individuals, influencers, big brands, entrepreneurs and regular users who use Fameleap every day.

Is there any guarantee?

If we fail to grow your account in the first 14 days of you signing up, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked!

What's the difference between you and others?

We’re the only service that uses artificial intelligence combined with human touch to growy our TikTok organically. We guarantee account safety and we get real followers. No fake TikTok followers, no bots or spammy profiles.

Industry-renowned customer success team

Our customer success team has won the “Most responsive customer success team” award several times now. When you sign up, you can reach out to your own dedicated account manager that can assist you with everything. Sign up today and start growing your TikTok!

2 Minutes Setup • 14 Day Growth Guarantee • Get Real TikTok Followers
  • Best industry first-time-to-response (Nov 2019)
  • Focused on getting you results
  • Dedicated account manager for every user
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